We honor the club's founders and our founding mission. We also honor our charter as a non-profit corporation. Our website serves as the point of access to the services the club provides. The entire website is accessible to all and our services are entirely free.

Online Forums

You shall find a link to our forums on the website. The forums can be viewed by all. Forum membership, which constitutes club membership, is free.

  • The forums are a platform intended to fulfill our corporate mission. They rally together owners and enthusiasts as a global community. They make it possible for each member to share news and information with other members around the world. The forums fulfill the founders' vision for Pantera International better than they could have ever imagined in 1973.
  • Forum members provide the information De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts seek. Information such as where to acquire parts and service, historic and production information, technical assistance in refurbishing all aspects of a De Tomaso car, and information to help resolve buyer and owner problems.
  • Via the forums we provide a place for members to advertise De Tomaso cars for sale to a global audience at no charge, a place for buyers to find De Tomaso cars for sale, and thus a place that puts buyers and sellers together.
  • Forum members provide news and entertainment relative to De Tomaso cars. News such as event announcements. Entertainment such as event reports, pictures and videos of members cars, interesting member stories, personal perspective, and historic perspective.
  • Via the forums we provide a place for owners and enthusiasts to socialize with other owners and enthusiasts, and enjoy their camaraderie.

Online Gift Store

You shall find a link to an online store on the website. The store is provided by our affiliate "Sespe Company". The store provides De Tomaso and Pantera themed clothing, literature, and personal accessories; perfect gifts for owners and enthusiasts, and for those special occasions such as birthdays, father’s day, anniversaries, and Christmas. The store is stocked with quality merchandise befitting the owners of collectible Italian automobiles. It is not operated to make profit, it is operated for you.

Concorso Italiano

We are honored to host De Tomaso exhibitors each August at the prestigious "Concorso Italiano" in Monterey California. The Concorso was founded by the Maserati Club International, we were one of the earliest marques to have been invited to join their gathering. We organize popular judging among the De Tomaso exhibitors, and we provide the trophies for winners in five categories. We are one of only a couple marques to have our own awards program besides the awards program of the Concorso. You shall find a link to a page of additional Concorso information and pictures on the website.

Cars for Sale and Historic Information

You shall also find links for the following information on the website:

  • A direct link to the "Panteras for Sale Forum" to assist those "dreamers" shopping for a De Tomaso car.
  • The story about the history of De Tomaso and its automobiles titled "Panteras Forever" shall soon be relocated from the forums to the website.
  • A page of informative "historic documents". This page is slated for additional documents.