Our magazine is no longer published as a printed document, so we do not solicit formal memberships in the old way. We apologize if this news disappoints you, we understand your disappointment. Publishing the magazine became financially infeasible after the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. The club had to adopt a new sustainable financial plan in order to continue assisting De Tomaso owners, buyers, and enthusiasts.

In the place of the magazine, our internet forums carry out the mission of our conveying technical information, in dispatching news, and in providing reading enjoyment. Since we no longer publish a magazine, we no longer have a need to know your mailing address, and we no longer have a need to collect a membership fee in order to pay for the printing and mailing of the magazine. So membership in the club has become much more informal. Forum membership constitutes membership in Pantera International. Due to the effeciency of this electronic media, forum membership is free; therefore club membership is now free as well

The forums rally togethr De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts as an international community, providing a platform whereby they can support one another by sharing their knowledge, experience and information. The forums perform the same functions as a newsletter or magazine more efficiently and more quickly. They provide members new content 365 days per year instead of just 4 times per year. We invite you to join our forum community; and we hope you'll participate too! The more people participate, the greater these forums serve as a resource for everyone. Ownership of a De Tomaso automobile is not required. We respect your privacy, we ask for very little information: name, email address and location. This information shall remain private, we shall not sell your information; Pantera International has never shared its mailing list or membership database with any person or business.