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There are a few common misconceptions about the club, dispelling them helps people better understand the club.


  • Being described as a "club" misleads some people. We were never intended to be a social organization like our sister club POCA. We are a club in the same manner the "Automobile Club" is a club. We were founded to assist Pantera owners, and by extension all De Tomaso owners, by distributing information to them.


  • Pantera International has always been a home-based business. The club has never had enough income to afford formal offices, nor a large staff of employees. Pantera International originally operated from a desk in the corner of a living room. Today our well equipped office operates from a spacious 12'x12' bedroom. The legacy of newsletters and magazines is conserved in a 10'x15' public storage unit.


  • We have been a non-profit corporation since 1975; we were not founded to be a commercial business.


  • We have not been affiliated with PI Motorsports since 2006. We do not have a showroom of cars for sale, we do not sell cars on consignment, and we do not sell parts.


  • We have no standing agreement with PI Motorsports for a discount on the price of their parts for our members.


  • PI Motorsports does not financially support Pantera International in any manner.


  • We no longer publish a printed newsletter or magazine. Therefore we no longer need a formal list of members and their mailing addresses, and we no longer need to collect membership dues to pay for the printing and mailing of a newsletter or magazine.


  • Our membership appears to be a rather informal affair because forum membership constitutes club membership, and forum membership is free. But Pantera International membership is not quite as informal as it appears on the surface.


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